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The Day-spring from on High


The Day-spring from on High The Day-spring from on High
by The Rt. Rev. Paul C. Hewett
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711 pages

An epic battle is raging between the Church and the emerging church of the anti-christ. Is Jesus God in the flesh or not? Gnostics, feminists and other ideologues want to marginalize and eliminate orthodox and biblical Christianity. Is Jesus merely an ethical teacher from Palestine, or is He the divine Logos? In the massive re-alignment of global Christianity, the Anglican Communion is also re-aligning, and a great Anglican counter-offensive is on. Those who uphold the Lordship of Christ, Scripture, Councils and Creeds, are on one side, and, on the other, those promoting ideologies…the logos of fallen man´s ideas. In the United States, traditional, orthodox Anglicans, who have been in the wilderness for forty years, are entering a promised land with amazing possibilities.

Here is a story that begs to be told: our forty years in the wilderness, 1977 - 2017, and God’s plan for us in the Promised Land, 2017 - till our Lord comes again.

Join this Anglican bishop in a journey from a world trying to solve everything by politics to the Person and Presence of the Day-spring from on high, the King of kings and Lord of lords, whose love for us changes everything in the Church and in our world, and restores us, in the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, to communion with our heavenly Father.

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