May 27, 2006

This bulletin will come on alternate Saturday mornings to provide a quick summary of what is happening in the Diocese and beyond. Rectors, especially those in the DHC, may wish to copy this Fortnightly to parishioners who have e-mail, or to have parishioners’ e-mail addresses sent to afdv1@yahoo.com.


Marshall: At St. John the Baptist, Mr. Larry Knutsen, the Senior Warden, and Bishop Paul Hewett have produced a "wiring diagram" to give an approximate sense of how various orthodox jurisdictions and movements are currently related to each other, here and overseas. The diagram is posted on the diocesan website (click here) and can also be obtained by contacting afdv1@yahoo.com.
Phoenixville: At the Church of the Transfiguration, the revised Canons of the Diocese are being prepared and will soon be sent out.

The Federation of Anglican Churches in the Americas (FACA) ) has produced two documents, (i) Articles and (ii) Commitments, which are available for your perusal by contacting afdv1@yahoo.com. The Primatial Sponsor of FACA is the Most Rev. Gregory Venables, Archbishop of the Anglican Church of the Southern Cone.

There is a "covenant Union of Anglican Churches in Concordat" between FACA and the Church of Nigeria (the Most Rev. Peter J. Akinola), which states: "The purpose of the covenant of concord is to work together in the common cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, pledging to each other their mutual cooperation, support, discipline and accountability… The autonomy of the individual Provinces, Jurisdictions, Dioceses and their local parishes is in no way restricted or superseded by membership in FACA."

At this time, FACA consists of the Anglican Province of America and the Reformed Episcopal Church. FACA also dovetails with the Convocation of Anglican Nigerians in America (CANA). A recent meeting in Dallas, Texas, had observers from the Anglican Church of America, the Anglican Mission in America, the Diocese of the Holy Cross, Anglicans United and Ecclesia.

Alexi II, the Patriarch of Moscow, , recently announced through his bishop in Vienna that he was planning a long trip of a couple weeks to Rome, to spend time with Pope Benedict XVI. Alexi was emphatic that this trip was not for photo ops but to work out with the Pope how the two of them might deal with the rising tide of Islam and speak with one moral voice. Alexi believes that there is a narrowing window of opportunity in which to do this.

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